1. Why did I do this blog?

  • To make a step further into the “Glion Spirit”
  • To share my best and favorite addresses in every city I know
  • To help and support my friends, colleagues, and other young people to adapt themselves to a new environment and city whenever they move
  • Because I love travelling and discovering new places

2. Who is this blog for?

This blog is for any young people who appreciates discovering new places, new adresses, new districts. This blog is for all the young people who are always on the move, travelling from a city to another and who need/enjoy some points of reference.

3. How does it work?

I write posts about the cities I know and the venues I know. The post can change/be refreshed every day, each time I have a new address I will update the post.

4. Who takes the pictures?

On this blog you will find both pictures that I take from the Internet and pictures taken by me with my Iphone 4s or camera!

5. You want to be part of the LYA Xperience?

Contact me and we could discuss about the cities you’ve lived in/visited and the places you would like to recommend. I would really like to involve other travellers to share their experience with the readers ;-) I might as well open a new category especially for the blog’s “guests” ? Don’t hesitate to contact me !


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