We ♥ Souvenirs from Marrakech

When you travel to Marrakech – or anywhere in Morocco – there are so many stuff that you always want to bring back! From the Moroccan sweets and treats to the spices and traditional “baboush”, you will automatically stop by the Medina where temptation reigns and where you will develop some strong negotiation skills ;) Here are the essential souvenirs Mr. & Miss LYA put in their luggage and had the pleasure to unpack when landing in London :)

1) Baboush

Since I was a kid  I always remember having a pair of round pink baboush from Morocco at the end of my bed. I have lost my old ones and was so happy to get a new pair for me and Mr. K., straight from the baboush souks. If you want to get yourself a similar pair, get it straight from the craftsmen themselves. These men are the ones fabricating these beautiful and comfortable traditional slippers and its always nicer to give them the money rather than pay a fortune to any reseller. Also for the anecdote, baboush slippers are not meant to be worn during summer! The leather they are made from comes straight from Morocco and its smell is too strong under the summer heat. Men usually wear those when they go to the mosk or when they have a traditional event. 

Mr. & Miss Baboush

Mr. & Miss Baboush

Of course if you are not planning to get your baboush straight from Morocco anytime soon, get yourself a trendy pair online :) 

2) Herbalist items

In the souks there are different areas dedicated to a particular know-how: herbalists, spices, retail, dishes and home furnitures… After stopping by the baboush stalls, we were taken to the herbalist who showed us such a wide range of colours and products that we ended taking too many items – as always! A herbal tea to fight stress, eucalyptus crystals for a good breath, a facial cream, some natural musc, olive oil soap, savon noir scrub… and much more!

Fight the city-stress

Fight the city-stress

At this point we can host hammam sessions in our bathroom :p 

3) Leather goods

Parisians know it, British people know it… everyone knows it: Morocco has one of the best quality of leather in the world. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it ;) Depending on how long you are staying there, you should make your first shopping stop at La Galerie des Tanneurs where you can bring a bag you like and they will replicate it for you. If you are visiting the famous Jardins Majorelle, this shop is across the road from the gardens. Also, the prices are much cheaper than the big brands and the quality can be much higher ! 


4) Perfume & Spices

In order to make our romantic trip last longer and replicate our hotel room’s sweet and delicate unique smell of Morocco into our room here in London, we got the interior perfume from the reception at Riad Cocoon – where we stayed. They get all the fragrances, soaps and body products from Les Sens de Marrakech, a Moroccan cosmetic brand. This way, every time we spray it in the house, it feels like we take a trip back to our little cocoon :) 


5) Moroccan home furnitures

Because Moroccan people know the art of interior design as well as delicious cuisine, it was impossible not to bring back a little decoration for our flat. This mini Tajine recipient was the perfect item as it is highly significant for us, but also because you can use it in many ways. You can light up a little candle inside and the light can escape from the little stars or you can put some oils to spread a good smell into your home. 

Do you have a big house and garden or want to bring some similar interior decoration? You can order this online.

Of course we could have brought back a lot more, but the best souvenir we will keep forever in our hearts and minds are the ones we shared one with another :) 

What did you bring back from your holiday? Any particular item you got from Morocco that is worth bringing back? Post your comments !

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